Potential risks of M. minor for arable farming

The goal of this project is to estimate the possible risk of M. Minor by determination of host suitability and damage thresholds of certain arable crops, such as potatoes.

Approach and timeline

Meloidogyne minor is found very recently in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom (Karssen, G., Bolk, R.J., Aelst, A.C. van, Beld, I. van den, Kox, L.F.F., Korthals, G.W., Molendijk, L.P.G., Zijlstra, C., Hoof, R. van and Cook, R. Description of Meloidogyne minor n.sp. (Nematoda: Meloidogynidae), a root-knot nematode associated with yellow patch disease in golf courses. Nematology, 2004, Vol. 6(1), 59-72.). Since it could be expected that this new rootknotnematode may give risks, it is important to get more information on its risk for some important arable crops.


  • An overview of the potential risk of M. minor for some important arable crops
  • Report on results of Texel (2008-2009): March 2010
  • Artible on M. minor: November 2010
  • Final report: December 2011