Preparation of SEVIA, Seeds of Expertise for the Vegetable Industry in Africa (Tanzania)

The aim of the 2012 Preparation of SEVIA project is to explore the options, define the work plan and to formulate the SEVIA project and activity plan, ready for implementation as of 2013.

Objectives of the project

The ultimate purpose of SEVIA is to safeguard the supply of fresh, safe and affordable vegetables to the population of Tanzania and to pursue a sustainable and profitable vegetable farming sector. Once this is within reach for Tanzania, it will allow the Dutch vegetable industry to further develop a prosperous business relation with Tanzania. SEVIA’s first target country is Tanzania, however, it is our mission to expand the program to other East African countries at first and relay with other projects across Sub Saharan Africa.


Consultation of all proposed partners, both in The Netherlands and in Tanzania, including the Dutch Ministry of Development Cooperation and Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation. Identification and formulation of work packages, activities, planning of SEVIA and proposal for organizational set up. The time schedule is May – December 2012 The assignment 2012 was to formulate a dedicated project in the context of the FDOV facility, in which SEVIA was shortlisted. The second stage of FDOV tender included a project proposal, project budget and formulated project results. WUR-APR Lelystad was in charge of the formulation (A Everaarts and F van Koesveld); a mission of 12 days to Tanzania was organized in November December during which a large number of farmers, professional intermediates, breeders, traders and input supply (seed shops) were interviewed.