Project: CBSG 2012 Virtual DNA Labs

The final aim of this project is to develop the ultimate mobile DNA course. In our view is this a course in which students collect biological material outside, sequence a stretch of DNA themselves and analyze the sequence by comparing it with the huge amount of DNA sequences in the databases on internet.

The concept will be based on the Tree of Live using the small subunit of ribosomal DNA. The Laboratory of Nematology has ample experience with the amplification rDNA sequences to identify species. A major challenge is of course to reduce the whole procedure to a couple of hours. We are convinced that constant innovation of the mobile DNA courses is required and should be implemented before the end of CBSG.

This project is part of a collaboration between the Centre of Society and Genomics (CSG) and the Centre for BioSystems Genomics (CGSG), both of which are financed by the Netherlands Genomics Initiative/Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research.