Qualification Tool Country Estates

Within this project, an improved and widely accepted tool for the qualification of estates on aspects of sustainability will be developed. Previously a concept version of the instrument was developed to challenge estate owners to rediscover the values of their estate and to translate these into concrete achievements.


Communicating social services and contributions of contemporary real estates.

Country estates have a long history of preserving traditions and properties, while at the same time developing new activities and services. In the Netherlands, many estates have become green ‘oases’ in quickly growing and changing urban surroundings. When developing new activities, real estate’s often struggle to meet the many and sometimes conflicting regulations of governments, and aim for a more integral approach of their plans. In order to win support for their plans and development, they would to have new methods to communicate their services and contributions to social demands and sustainability. 

This project aims to improve a prototype of an instrument to demonstrate and communicate the contributions that estates make to a number of sustainability criteria en social demands.


The result will be an improved instrument (a questionnaire and toolbox to illustrate the outcomes) and a practical brochure on how to use it.

Timeline approach

We will test the prototype and improve the output indicators according to the priorities of selected authorities and non-governmental organisations. At the same time we will test the prototype on an additional group of ca. 10 real estates, in order to accommodate the instrument to the wide range of activities and services of this group and thus make the instrument more robust and wider applicable. The project will organize workshops with real estate owners and representatives of different authorities and non-governmental organisations.