Rapid evolution of functional characteristics of plant species

Plants are to some extent adapted to the local growing conditions. Climate change is likely to shift the areas of plant species.

On the equatorial side of the area are generally less favorable conditions, while conditions on the polar side possible improve. Both effects result in a strong selection pressure which is reflected in particular to this type of borders of areas.

Process-based models on the impact of climate change on areas consider species identical over their entire area. The same model parameterization that is used across the range does not account for adaptation to local conditions. They take no account of the rapid evolution of functional features at the boundaries of areas under pressure from climate change.

The goal of this project is:
     • estimate potential adverse effects of climate change.
     • Model analysis plant functional attributes with the most selective pressure

     • Contribution to the agenda IPBES

The proposed model meets both drawbacks (not locally adapted and no genetic adaptation) and is an important improvement to the existing modeling tools in the evaluation of climate change.