Reassessment Ecological Main Structure

For the reassessment of the Ecological Main Structure, the Ministry also wants other criteria to be included apart from biodiversity. These include recreation, agriculture, management and living environment.


Currently bottlenecks to a reassessment of the ecological network (EHS) are inventoried. Due to government cutbacks EHS cannot be completely filled. Choices have to be made on the ongoing projects. The most important criterion is the legal obligations around Natura 2000. Considerations are made ​​based on biodiversity criteria.

Goal 1 of this project is to provide a simple conceptual framework to establish the areas within the current EHS to assess and rank.
Goal 2 is to achieve a natural clustering of types / areas with the biggest bottlenecks, and to find out in which ways the Natura 2000 objectives can be achieved.

The results are for internal use and are not yet published.