Redesigning rabbit farms

The objective of this project is to contribute to sustainable development of the sector. The direct goal is to give direction and to elicit initiatives permitting social learning for sustainable development.

The number of rabbit farms in the Netherlands amounts to 140 with in total about 41.000 rabbits. The sector is export oriented and confronted with structural problems as the dependancy on slaughter facilities abroad and animal welfare. The most common housing gives limited space to animals, food leasions and stereotyp behaviour. The rabbit sector has already agreed to improvements including group housing and enrichment of the animal's environment, but further steps towards fully integral sustainability are desired.


Products of this project include:

  • systems analysis to indentify weird links as to sustainability
  • briefs of requirements for the veal calf, farmer and citizen/consumer
  • briefs of requirements for the environment based on ecosystem services and cradle to cradle approaches
  • networks of actors involved in the quest for sustainability
  • a brochure with a design/vision, that gives direction to future developments of the  sector
  • a limited number of actors committed to develop parts of the design/vision in practice