Research Pilot Nature and Landscape Standard 2011-2013

The Nature & Landscape Standard (NLN) is a proposal for a new system for Nature & Landscape. It is a simple set of six conditions which companies should comply with. Participants receive a fee for the social delivered green / blue services.

This project concerns the pilot exercise with Nature and Landscape Standard (NLN) that will provide knowledge and experience for a possible compensation scheme of green and blue services under the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) from 2014.

The goal is to use this multi-year research project (2011 - 2013) demonstrate that the NLN system a viable policy option for reimbursement of social services such as nature and landscape in the CAP 2014. It's not just about the practical application of the NLN on farms, but also the economic, policy and instrumental, and European political and administrative feasibility. It also covers any barriers or obstacles in the implementation and administrative costs.

The result is insight into the practical applicability of the NLN on farms, especially in the white areas.