Research 'Westelijke Veenweiden'

The project 'Research Westelijke Veenweiden' will provide building blocks for the achievement of goals from the Program 'Westelijke Veenweiden'. These goals are: less subsidence, a robust watersystem, a more sustainable and dynamic agricultural sector, a more robust nature, strengthening the landscapes core qualities, increased perception of peace and greenery, and contribute to the improvement of the investment climate and to a relaxing center of the Randstad.


'Research Westelijke Veenweiden' will contribute to the goals of the Program Westelijke Veenweiden: less subsidence, a more robust water system, a more sustainable and vital agriculture, a more robust nature, enhancing the scenic core competencies, more experience of tranquility and green, and contribute to a better business climate and more restful center of the Randstad. The program contains nine integrated area projects that make up a third of the entire Western peat grasslands in the Dutch National Landscapes Groene Hart and Laag Holland. An approach through the concept of ecosystem services is therefore an interesting idea, because it ensures a good connection between area characteristics and the users of the peat grasslands. Results include a description field on the basis of ecosystem services and elaboration of two operating systems: Waterboer and Rietteelt. These operating modes provide not only food production. They also facilitate the delivery of ecosystem services.