Resilient Pork Production

Pork production is subject to social and political debate. Concerns arise around the environmental impact of production, the health and welfare of pigs, the safety of pork products, and the impact of pig husbandry on human health.

Acknowledging these concerns, stakeholders along the pork production chain agreed to join forces in the transition towards a competitive sector that produces with respect for animals, humans, and the environment.

Goal of this project is to understand and model crucial factors of innovations and innovation processes and to explore resilience of novel pig farm designs to changing pressures from markets and society. It includes objectives at three levels:
  •  Animal – Farm: interplay between behaviour and performance of animals with husbandry and farmers interventions;
  •  Farmer–Farmer’s Network: the complex process of decision making as affected by farmers back ground and the interaction with his network;
  •  Sector - Stakeholder representatives from chain and society: the process of production systems development as a result of the forces and interplay between representatives of stakeholder groups.