Rift Valley fever virus single-round infectious particles (RVFV SRIPs)

The bunyavirus family is the largest family of viruses. The success of these viruses is attributed to efficient transmission and broad host range.

Efficient transmission is explained by their high infectivity in many mammalian species and remarkable virion stability outside the host. These properties are highly valued in the field of vector vaccine technology. However, because of their extremely high pathogenicity, use of bunyaviruses for such applications was never before considered. Now that we have developed methods for the efficient production of single-round infectious particles (SRIPs) of Rift Valley fever virus (RVFV,) the application of these viruses as vaccine vectors can finally be explored.

One of the main objectives of this project is to provide proof of principle for the application of SRIPs as multivalent vaccines.

The products that will be developed in the current project are of primary interest to pharmaceutical companies (Intervet, Merial,Fort Dodge, etc). It is preferred to communicate with these companies only after patent applications are filed and sufficient experimental support for the listed claims is provided. The first communication with a pharmaceutical company will take place soon after the first publication is submitted.