Risk Assessment of tick borne animal diseases

The project aims at a risk assessment including introduction, establishment, persistence and effects and impact of Crimean Congo Haemorrhagic Fever (CCHF) for western Europe by using a recently developed framework for the risk assessment of vector-borne diseases.

Objectives of the project

The risk assessment will be done by the CVI team, supported by experts in the field of CCHF. Together they will provide a qualitative assessment of the risk of CCHF for the Netherlands. Furthermore, the assessment will provide a second test of the framework by which the applicability of the framework as a standard tool for qualitative risk assessments can be improved.

Two specific goals are

  • Risk assessment of CCHF for the Netherlands
  • Testing of the risk assessment framework for tick-borne diseases


  • This project resulted in two products: (a) an assessment of the risk of CCHF for the Netherlands and (b) a risk assessment framework for exotic vector-borne livestock diseases tested for both insectborne and tick-borne infections.
  • Report
  • Workshop