SISA-2 workshop

The goal of this project is to improve system innovation processes by organising a workshop with scientists from different disciplines.


Scientific understanding of how system innovation (SI) processes towards sustainability for the agricultural sector can be organized is still limited. Furthermore, existing insights are poorly tailored to the requirements of project work in practice, and it is unclear how the results of 'bottom-up' changes from practice (initiatives) can be incorporated into a wider 'learning and experimentation strategy’. By bringing together scientists and researchers from different disciplines and countries this project aims on the one hand to deepen insights into the (possible) course of SI processes in the agricultural sector and on the other hand to propose scientifically based argumentation for promoting SI processes in practice.

Wageningen Livestock Research is co-organizing (with INRA SenS) an international workshop in Paris in mid-2012 on system innovations in the agricultural sector with two main points: (1) deepen understanding of system innovation processes in the agricultural sector, and (2) improving opportunities through policies and projects contributing to system innovations (governance system innovations). Also building an international network of researchers in this field.