Seepage of salt water

The upward seepage of salt water and the intrusion of salt water through watercourses affects wider strip tens of kilometers inland.

Especially the provinces of Zeeland, South and North Holland, Friesland and Groningen have to deal with it. Agriculture sees salinity as a technical problem that is solved with the adequate supply of fresh water. At governments slowly begin to arise the picture  that salinization can no longer be solved technical interventions. They see it as a spatial problem that focuses on the issue of how we should deal with salinity.

The goal of this project is to explore the issues in the livestock in coastal areas and other areas with salinity.

Salinization of the coastal zone provides for the livestock little problems. Grass is a crop that is highly resistant to salty conditions. Livestock is therefore suitable for use in coastal areas where sensitive crop culture is no longer possible.
As a land use system, livestock can contribute to the safe management of coastal areas and dikes and an attractive environment. This safe and attractive management can be regarded as an ecosystem service.