social media


Social media: sourcing and influence

There is still insufficient understanding of the role and influence of the internet and social media on public opinion, social activation and social innovation when it comes to social issues such as sustainability, food, quality of life and well-being.


Social innovation is renewal that takes place in, by and for society. The goal of this project is to identify the role that the internet plays, mainly in 'The Web' plays -in particular social media- in social innovation. How do citizen movements and businesses use the web and social media to exchange information, knowledge and opinions? How are new views, movements, interactions and alliances formed so social innovation arises? The focus here is on the social issues such as sustainability, quality of life and health. A study based on literature and an analysis of concrete examples on the internet will be connected to an experiment in order to link the possibilities of Web 3.0 (Semantic Web or Web of Data) to social innovation, preferably in cooperation with one or more companies.


De website is ook een belangrijk resulaat van dit project.