Stimulating the use of plant collections

This project focusses on the improvement of the use of CGN collections. The aim is that users of CGN collections, mostly breeding companies, systematically evaluate CGN collections on agronomically traits which are important for them (mainly disease and pest resistances).

Via this approach it is envisaged that the use of the CGN collections will be further improved. Currently five evaluation projects are running.


In cooperation with PLANTUM-NL associated breeding companies, CGN evaluates its collection for a number of diseases and pests.

  • In 2009, 550 lettuce accessions were evaluated for resistance against Nasonovia ribisnigri biotype Nr: 1. These data will be made available to CGN in 2010. In the current project period, resistance data on Nasonovia ribisnigri biotype Nr: 1 were received from Plantum-NL. These data were processed and prepared for uptake in CGNs database, which will be carried out in January 2013 because of the agreed embargo period.
  • Part of the CGN spinach collection supplemented with accessions from three other gene banks, in total around 250 accessions, was evaluated in 2009 for six fysios‚Äôs of Peronospora farinosa. In 2010 the 250 spinach accessions will be tested for another four Pf fysios.
  • For 133 onion accessions and 82 leek accessions the data obtained from the breeding companies for the screening of resistance to Fusarium and Phytophthora respectively have been processed.
  • Around 400 pepper accessions have been screened for TSWV-P1 (tomato spotted wilt virus pathotype 1) in a joint action between CGN and PLANTUM-NL companies. The results obtained will be processed by CGN in 2010.
  • Around 300 CGN cucumber accessions have been tested for cucumber freen mottle mosaic virus (CGMMV) by breeding companies. This completes the whole screening of the CGN cucumber collection on CGMMV. Processing of the data by CGN will take place in 2010. Furthermore, the Institute of Vegetables and Flowers (CAAS), Beijing, China will analyse in a global action the complete CGN cucumber collection with SSR markers.