Strengthening of Israeli veterinary diagnostic capacities

The objective of this EU funded project is strengthening of the legislative and professional capacities of the Israeli Veterinary Laboratories involved in diagnostic of animal diseases, food and feed analyses and epidemiologic surveys. Israel is of the 16 closest neighbours of the EU.

More specific, this Twinning project aims to strengthen the capacities of the Kimron Veterinary Institute (KVI) in terms of legislation, enforcement and institutional building, to achieve rapid, effective surveillance and control of prevailing animal diseases as well as provision of reliable evidence to certify animals and products of animal origin as safe for human consumption, in compliance with EU and OIE standards. This Twinning project forms a significant contribution to the objectives trade and internal market issues and improvement of cooperation on sanitary issues, with particular focus on veterinary matters of the EU-Israel ENP Action Plan. Israel will increase compliance with international requirements regarding the monitoring and control of animal diseases and food safety of animal origin products for consumers and will thus contribute to eliminating technical barriers to trade (TBT).

The main issues that will be addressed are as follows.

  • Improve and strengthen the diagnostic and research capabilities of the KVI in the field of infectious diseases and food and feed safety;
  • Create a legal basis for the official role and competency of IVSAH supervising food safety and clinical laboratories;
  • Create a national food safety network;
  • Organize trainings on regular basis to guarantee an adequate level of knowledge;
  • Strengthen the professional capacities of the Israeli Veterinary Laboratories in epidemiological surveys and risk analysis.

European Neighbourhood Policy
Considering the strategic objectives for EU-Israel cooperation, set out in the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) Action Plan, both EU and Israel want to encourage and support integration of Israel into European economic and social structures. The European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) aims at a closer relationship between the enlarged EU and its neighbours for the strengthening of prosperity, stability and security for all. The ENP is extended to the 16 closest neighbours of the EU, Israel being one of them.