Supermarket supported area-based management and certification of aquaculture in Southeast Asia (SUPERSEAS)

The SUPERSEAS research project, short for ‘Supermarket supported area-based management and certification of aquaculture in Southeast Asia’, is a project funded by NWO. The overall aim of SUPERSEAS is to improve the design of area-based management for aquaculture production in order to reduce the social and environmental risks associated with smallholder aquaculture, and improve the terms under which smallholders are incorporated in domestic, regional and international retail-led value chains.

There are three PhDs within the SUPERSEAS project, each with a different thematic focus: (1) governance, (2) value chains and (3) finance and risk transfer. This PhD focusses on management principles and governance, and aims to investigate what constitutes area-based management governance arrangements in South-East Asian aquaculture, how the environment is internalised, and whether these arrangements present a sustainable approach to aquaculture management.

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Video “What are the trends in aquaculture value chain research?

SUPERSEAS researcher Simon Bush identifies  5 current trends that are shaping the development of the aquaculture industry. Watch our video below:

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Latest SUPERSEAS news

> Academic publication: Bottema, MJM. 2019. Institutionalizing area-level risk management: Limitations faced by the private sector in aquaculture improvement projects. Aquaculture 512 (2019).

> Blog post: "New study examines how aquaculture improvement projects address risk beyond the farm. (link)

> Blog post: “Environmental risk in aquaculture: What do farmers think? SUPERSEAS researcher blogs about a study recently published in The Geographic Journal, questioning the scale at which area-based management should be established” (link)