Supporting NGOs

There are a number of Dutch agrobiodiversity initiatives which are concerned with the conservation of old varieties. These initiatives are not well organized.

This results in a poor knowledge transfer affecting all sorts of issues from maintenance of crops to acquisition of budget. The role of CGN in this spectrum is to act as a focal point for the Dutch agro NGOs to facilitate their needs.


Supporting Dutch agro NGO’s which are focussed on the management of Dutch biocultural heritage: maintenance of website, co-organizing two meetings annually, further development of Orange List for conservation varieties, support for implementation EU conservation guidelines, regeneration last part of Eternal Mash collection and conservation of the collection under long term genebank conditions. Presentations for the general public and scientific community.


  • Up to date website De Oerakker
  • two meetings co-organized annually
  • Orange List implemented for potato, tomato, cucumber
  • development of a national list of conservation varieties
  • a fully regenerated and long term conserved EM collection
  • two presentations for the general public and scientific community.