Tackling problems with organic dairy sheep

This project aims to tackle several problems related to organic dairy sheep.


The aim of the project is to tackle the prioritised problems by A) on-farm monitoring of the mineral and trace elements in dairy sheep and requirement standards and formulation of standards, B) an inventory of promising herbal de-worming strategies and (liver fluke treatments) for organic husbandry on which a field study can be based, C) an inventory of available alternatives for concentrates followed up by on-farm comparison and D)  an inventory on literature of the present information on human health values of sheep milk components in order to distinguish sheep milk products better on the market.

Approach and timeline

The lack of mineral requirement standards for dairy sheep (a), the lack of organic de-worming strategies (and liver fluke treatments) in anticipation to the increasing althelmintic resistance (b) and the lack of alternatives for concentrates (c) are the main problems in organic dairy sheep husbandry. The dairy sheep farmers want to know more about the human health values of sheep milk components (d).


  • The first findings of the study after mineral and trace elements standards for dairy sheep.
  • An overview of potential herbal de-worming strategies spread on line and trough an article
  • A study of available alternatives for concentrates
  • A literature study of human health values of sheep milk components.