Team Learning in Teacher Teams

In this interlinked research project we examine the occurrence of team learning in teacher teams of Vocational education and training (VET) institutes takes place; how team learning can be stimulated; and to what outcomes it leads.

VET is viewed worldwide as the backbone of economies. In order to better meet labour market demands, VET institutes are implementing Competence-based education (CBE). The implementation of CBE however often stagnates, largely because teachers experience difficulty translating CBE principles into practice. We propose that team learning can foster the implementation of CBE. The program comprises three interrelated PhD projects and one post-doc project. Project 1 (descriptive) focuses on identifying learning activities across different stages of CBE implementation. Projects two and three (explanatory) focus on team factors (e.g., coaching leadership) and context factors (e.g., HRM practices) fostering team learning. The post-doc project integrates the findings of the PhD projects, using a systems approach, and links them to industry-related factors (e.g., innovativeness) and student outcomes (e.g., drop-out figures). The scientific contribution lies in the fat that research on professional development within VET, especially concerning team learning, is scarce. The practical relevance lies in the translation of research findings into recommendations for (HRM) managers on how team learning within their VET institutes can be fostered.