sustainable energy


Tool for sustainable agrarian innovations

The goal of this project is a business-focused intervention framework, developed in cooperation with entrepreneurs and other stakeholders that is aimed at creating a movement toward achieving sustainability. The initial concept is the innovation model of the WRR report 'Innovation renewed (from invention to innovation and diffusion).

A sustainable dairy chain is chosen as a case study. The activities will be initiated in close consultation with stakeholders. There are two lines: (1) focus on diffusion / wide adoption and (2) a line that is built around open innovation, in collaboration with New Stock Farming.


The project provides a theoretically grounded and practically tested approach for designing and applying sustainable innovations in practice. This approach is interactive, so together with entrepreneurs and other stakeholders.


If possible, a scientific article or conference paper on entrepreneurial interventions.

Timeline approach

Research based on theory and empiricism

First quarter 2012: Literature review. Interviews with entrepreneurs about their motives to participate in sustainable innovations. This should lead to a theory-based intervention framework that is suited best to different types of entrepreneurs and their environment.

From April 2012: Review intervention framework in an entrepreneurial approach ('living lab') with farmers and other stakeholders who work with a cooperation to a sustainable dairy chain. In the last quarter of 2012, this approach will be evaluated and if necessary tightened.

In 2013: Using these insights to set up a project together with entrepreneurs working on transition challenges of societal concern and relevant to a broad group of entrepreneurs (eg reducing antibiotic use in livestock farming).