Training of Korean scientists in integrated pest & disease management of potato

The project aims to train North Korean scientists in integrated pest and disease management of potato.

Objectives of the project

  • Training of Korean scientists on IPM of potato.
  • Expanding the cooperation program to aphid and beetle pests of potato.
  • Initiating pyrethrum cultivation in North Korea (DPRK) to generate biological pesticides for insect control.
  • Initiating the organization of a symposium on IPM in DPRK jointly with other stakeholders.
  • Initiating a new EuropeAid IPM-2 program focusing on insects and viruses.


  • IPM symposium in DPRK (July 2012)
  • IPM-2 (EuropeAid) project initiated and candidates selected in Pyongyang (October 2012)
  • Participation in the first trade mission to DPRK in October 2012