Training of researchers from North Korea on potato late blight and seed production

Main motivation for the project is that the Netherlands can provide help in improving the very poor food security position of Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK).


Potato is a very important crop in Korea (190,000 hectares) and the Netherlands have much to offer at both the scientific and commercial level. Scientific cooperation can be a vehicle to establish a network of contacts between the two countries which can eventually benefit the Dutch potato sector.

Goals of this project are:

  • Implementation of the EU-co-sponsored potato Integrated Pest Management (IPM) project;
  • Training of Korean scientists for a Wageningen PhD;
  • Expanding the scientific cooperation program to aphid and beetle pests of potato;
  • Implementation of pyrethrum cultivation to generate biological pesticides for insect control.


  • Visit of 6 months of four scientists;
  • Networking in Pyongyang to initiate a symposium in 2012;
  • Reports.


  • Implementation of the co-sponsored EU project;
  • In country training IPM for potato by CDI;
  • Study tour and training of two scientists in Wageningen;
  • Initiating the organization of an international conference in DPRK in 2012;
  • Visit to DPRK of a Wageningen UR.