tomatos in greenhouse


Transition paths in Mexican Greenhouse Horticulture

The general goal is describe transition paths for Mexican greenhouse horticulture.

Objective of the project

More specific goals are to determine the environmental (e.g., water use) and economic (e.g., production level) impacts of the implementation of different technological modules under a variety of conditions.


  • Economical greenhouse designs that fit in Mexican environments.
  • Transition paths to more advanced greenhouses.
  • A better defined transition strategy for Mexican horticulture.
  • Workshop in Mexico, December 2012, with a variety of Mexican growers, in the presence of the Minister of Agriculture of Aguascalientes. Options for greenhouse designs were discussed, awareness was enlarged, and commercial options were identified.
  • Feed-back presentation at MexiCultura, The Netherlands, to increase awareness with NL suppliers with the MX view on technologically more advanced greenhouses.