Vizier op de toekomst Noord Holland Noord

New concepts on the role and involvement of public and private parties, lead to novel views on organisation of the knowledge- and innovation (K&I) system, with better focus on the power of regional development. The EFRO-project ‘AgriVizier’ aims to stimulate the innovation in horticulture associated with the whole conglomerate of production, trade and knowledge in order to generate new business and reinforce international competition.

In support of this process, programme BO-28 will:

  • Provide insight into the development of knowledge- and innovation system in the region Noord-Holland Noord (AgriBoard)by monitoring and evaluation (interviews) with persons and organisations parties involved. Lessons learned, internally as well as region transcending, and best practices will be documented in a state of the art monitoring report with recommendations and building blocks, contributing to a solid strategy for further development of the K&I system within the EFRO-project.
  • Innovation clusters within AgriBoard will be monitored and evaluated (M&E) using an adjusted M&E method, supplemented with qualitative indicators for the success (output, outcome, impact). If possible, students will be employed to assist in the monitoring process. Opportunities, bottle necks and recommendations for further development of the innovation clusters and the K&I system in Noord-Holland Noord will be reported.