Youth at the forefront in processes of resignification of peasantries

This Ph.D. research is part of FOREFRONT, an interdisciplinary research programme, which takes place in Brazil and Mexico and is about complex social-ecological systems in agro-forest frontier areas. In Brazil the research takes place in the region Zona da Mata Mineira, part of the Mata Atlantic biome, in three municipalities who have the potential of creating an ecological corridor between the National Park of  CaparaĆ³ and the State Park Serra do Brigadeiro.

Departing from a land-sharing approach this research aims to disclose strategies, practices and constraints of young people within the agroecological movement in this region to change discourses on peasantries with institutional support and making use of community art, in particular of film. Through the use of visual research methods interpretations of young peasants will be collected and design principles for a film-based method on resignification explored.


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Blogpost: Soils, agriculture, forests and people: the missing links