Sugar: make it work

Sugar Make it Work is an initiative of Kabuye Sugar Works (KSW), the first privatized company in Rwanda. It is making critical investments in water management infrastructure in order to reduce flooding so that KSW and outgrower farmers can make the most of available marshland.

Isukari: imvugo tuyigire ingiro

Within the next decade, through improved water management and the introduction of remote sensing technology, local production of sugar should nearly double. This could lead to an increase in outgrower and KSW estate employment by approximately 41%, as well as add new highly skilled agro-IT service jobs in the sugar cane sector. With improved capacity to track and monitor crops, KSW and outgrower farmers will be in a better position to predict sugar cane yields, respond to disease outbreaks and optimize the harvesting and transport of crops. Additionally, the project will increase technical and business training for outgrower farmers, improving their participation in the value chain. Without doubt, the development of Rwanda’s service sector will define its path towards greater economic, social and political development.

Three complementary pillars

To improve the performance of the sector, the PPP has three complementary pillars: water management and drainage, geo-information and value chain improvements. The first pillar, which Royal Haskoning DHV coordinates, seeks to reduce flooding risks, while maintaining the dynamics and ecological functions of the Nyabarongo valley. Milan Innovincy and the WU Department of Environmental Sciences work on the second component. Innovative use of geo-information supports the logistics of cane growing, harvesting and transport and informs about the development of the crops, including detection of pests and diseases.

CDI is responsible for the third component, which concentrates on outgrower farmers who provide 60% of the cane supply to the factory. Key priorities are more sustainable production systems, cane collection and transport, cane growers’ associations managing their production and marketing and engaging with the company, access to bank loans (...). A valley development fund will be established, based on contributions per ton of cane produced, both from farmers and the company.

Together, the three components aim to extend the cane production zone, raise yields and quality, create employment and contribute to reduced sugar imports in Rwanda.

Public-Private-Partnership Award 2014

'Sugar: Make it Work' has won the 'Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) Award 2014'. The Partnership Award is an initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Entrepreneurial Development Bank (FMO), in collaboration with Social Enterprise The Punchy Pack and Young Professional partners.