SHEALTHY project aims to

  • Develop, optimise and combine mild technologies that have the potential to preserve freshness and improve safety and nutritional value of minimally processed F&V and juices and smoothies .
  • Design and develop innovative BMs and novel logistics systems (including authenticity and traceability system) that will support traditional micro & SMEs to adopt novel technologies, advancing the knowledge of factors/drivers/obstacles that intervene in innovation processes and creating new BMs to be applied at pilot trials level and replicated beyond the project boundaries.
  • Validation of the resulting prototypes (both in terms of technologies and BMs) in local and regional food systems, including their environmental impacts and economic feasibility in comparison with existing benchmarks.
  • Provide knowledge and tools to other regional and local food systems (than the 11 ones involved in SHEALTHY) to share the project benefits, results and best practices with to increase competitiveness and jobs around EU