A journey into the world's food systems in search of losses, waste and ways to solve them

Stroosnijder, Sanne; Hetterscheid, Bas; Castelein, Bob


Food loss and waste is a major problem: An estimated one-third of all food produced worldwide is lost or wasted somewhere between farm and fork. Mitigating food loss and waste is an important pathway towards accessible and healthy diets, more sustainable production and consumption, and more economic possibilities for actors in the food chain. General recommendations abound on how to achieve this, but implementation of these ideas in real-world food systems is rarely straightforward. In this volume, experts from numerous domains explore how high-level FLW recommendations can be translated into concrete actions, solutions, and pathways. The chapters highlight (new) scientific insights and practice-oriented research pointing the way forward from what should happen to how it can be done in order to achieve more sustainable food systems.