Perspectief van het aanzuren van mest in Nederland om methaan- en ammoniakemissie te reduceren

Puente-Rodríguez, Daniel; Gollenbeek, Luuk; Verdoes, Nico; Bos, A.P.


The acidification of manure is reported as a promising measure for reducing the emissions of ammonia and (manure related) methane. However, this measure has not been implemented in the Netherlands because of, among other reasons, the high costs compared to available flooring systems, the need for manure storage outside the barns, and concerns about the possible acidification of the soil and an increased concentration of sulfur in soils and surface water. Regarding emissions, the focus in the Netherlands was mainly on ammonia. Due to climate change and related national and international agreements, objectives are also being formulated regarding methane emissions. Therefore, the aim of this research is to identify opportunities and barriers for the implementation of manure acidification in the Netherlands.