D6.15: Report on outputs of the short-term missions

Poirier, Aurore; Horton, D.L.; van der Poel, W.H.M.; La Ragione, Roberto


The One Health EJP (OHEJP) Short Term Missions (STMs) were small co-funded travel grants which facilitated the exchange of scientific expertise, methodologies, equipment, and facilities to our consortium members. The aim of these missions was to harmonise the existing approaches and methodologies within the OHEJP. These STMs drove research forward in a collaborative and non-duplicative fashion to strengthen the scientific capacity within the OHEJP, and to also contribute to the future prevention, preparedness, detection, and response of the EU to foodborne and other emerging threats across human-animal-environmental sectors. The OHEJP co-funded a total of 19 STMs (each funded 44% by the EU), which involved 22 researchers and a total of 27 institutes within the OHEJP consortium. The Education and Training activities team from Work Package 6 (WP6) was responsible for co-ordinating the calls, selection of applicants for funding and reporting on the short term missions funded each year.