Mineralenmanagement onder de loep : Koeien & Kansen-bedrijven vergeleken met andere melkveebedrijve

Doornewaard, G.J.; Hoogeveen, M.W.; van den Ham, A.; Reijs, J.W.; Oenema, J.; Hooijboer, A.E.J.


Mineral management is an important topic on dairy farms. Gaining insight into nutrient flows from and to the farm and insight into the internal nutrient flows helps entrepreneurs to use resources more efficiently and to continue to satisfy the increasingly stringent fertiliser legislation. This report provides insight into the mineral management of pioneers among dairy farms (Koeien & Kansen [Cows & Opportunities, K&K] farms) in comparison with other dairy farms for the period 1998-2014. Viewed over an extended period, K&K farms have lower phosphate surpluses per hectare and in general greater efficiency in the cycle links of livestock and soil. From 2008, the K&K farms have no longer been producing lower nitrogen surpluses than other dairy farms.