Explorative study of phosphorus recovery from pig slurry : laboratory experiments

Schoumans, O.F.; Ehlert, P.A.I.; Nelemans, J.A.; van Doorn-van Tintelen, W.; Rulkens, W.H.; Oenema, O.


Here, we report on laboratory experiments with the aim to explore cheap and innovative techniques. The main focus of the experiments was to lower the P-content in pig slurry with 25%. In that case, in principle all manure produced in the Netherlands can be applied on agricultural land in The Netherlands itself, including the organic matter and other nutrients in the manure. The results show that with physical and chemical treatment techniques 25% of the phosphate can rather easily be recovered from the solid or liquid fractions of the pig slurry. The costs of chemicals depend highly on the buffer capacity of the studied (n=3) pig slurries, and are less than 5 € per ton pig slurry.