FOCUS_TOXSWA manual 4.4.2 : User’s Guide version 4

Beltman, W.H.J.; Horst, M.M.S. ter; Adriaanse, P.I.; Jong, A. de; Deneer, J.W.


The FOCUS_TOXSWA model calculates exposure concentrations of pesticides and their metabolites in watercourses and ponds. These concentrations are used in the pesticide registration procedure at EU level. The model concepts of TOXSWA are described briefly. The input files, output files, and the use of the graphical user interface to access the input and output are described. Input data are stored in a database. Pesticide entries resulting from drainage or runoff/erosion are accessed from separate files generated by FOCUS_MACRO and FOCUS_PRZM. Substance properties are accessed from the SPIN tool/database. Instructions for simulating a water-sediment study and a multi-year run are given