Standardization of aquatic biomass

Burg, S.W.K. van den


This year, the European Commission issued a standardization request to the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) with a focus on algae and algae-based products and intermediates. This includes seaweeds, next to micro-algae and other aquatic biomass. The Working Group (WG 218) is created by the CEN/BT to develop a standardization work programme that at minimum shall address the subjects indicated in the EC's standardization request on algae and algae-based products or intermediates. This will be done in 2016.
To this end, various technical groups have been formed that work on the following subjects:
- Classification and analysis of algae-based biomas
- Algae-based products to be used for biofuel production
- Algae production and processing
- Quality characterisation of algal products to be used for non-energy applications
The standards developed by CEN – and its national counterparts – are not legal standards, they are voluntary standards that can be used by private actors to ease transactions. This means that support for the standards is important. Consequently, a variety of actor from different member states – both from public and private organisations – are involved in the working group.
The need for standards is assessed, given that on occasions, legel norms are in place and given the fact that the quality of characteristics of biomass are also discussed in other standards. This presentation will not only give an overview of the developments in the BT/WG 218, it will contextualize these developments. To this end, the purpose of and rationale behind standardizastion will be discussed. Additionally, the presentation will touch upon experiences with
standardization in the United States.