BOFEK2012 versie 2 : Status A

Wösten, J.H.M.; Vries, F. de; Wesseling, J.G.


Water retention and hydraulic conductivity properties from the Staring series have been attributed to the315 soil typological units of the Soil Map of the Netherlands, scale 1: 50,000, and functional characteristicsfor these units were calculated using a model. Based on commonalities between these functionalcharacteristics, the 315 soil typological units have been clustered to form 72 soil physics units, which makeup the new soil physics units map ‘BOdemFysische EenhedenKaart’ (BOFEK2012). To make these dataavailable for use in models to calculate water and nutrient transport in soils, a dataset has been compiledcontaining information on (i) the GIS database, with the geographical distribution of the BOFEK units in theNetherlands, and (ii) profile diagrams showing the soil layers to a depth of 1.2 metres below ground level,together with the relevant soil physical properties. For the award of A Status to the BOFEK database anumber of aspects of the mapping methodology were reviewed, including the clustering method used, thevalidation and verification of the calculations made, the verification of the conversion from the soil map tothe soil physics units map, and the addition of meta information.