Valorisation des résultats de projets de recherche pour les praticiens agricoles innovants en facilitant l’accès à l’information: le projet européen VALERIE

Hily, Y.; Bechini, L.; Ingram, J.; Koenderink, N.J.J.P.; Schuler, P.; ten Berge, H.F.M.; Justes, E.


European research projects in agriculture and forestry produce excellent scientific papers. Most of them could contribute to the development of new innovations in Europe but their adoption is still limited. The European project VALERIE (Valorising European Research for Innovation in AgriculturE and Forestry), wanted by the European Commission, aims at improving the transfer of EU research results in terms of concrete innovations for farmers and advisors in agriculture and forestry, facilitating their integration in management practices. The main output of the VALERIE project will be a smart web research assistant ( which will be able to mimic the interaction between experts and users for answering concrete questions. Indeed, this tool should be able to help the user to write and develop his request and then to propose a list of relevant documents, using in particular results from EU projects, selected among an expert-selected document base. Ask-Valerie browser will be available online at the end of the project. At this stage, a beta version of is available and included in a testing process by VALERIE’s partners. The web browser is based on an ontology containing currently about 6200 concepts and the document data base already contains about 4300 documents. By developing the tool, some key issues have been raised and are discussed, notably dealing with access to information, available documents format and matching between research products and needs of stakeholders.