Global-Detector; GIS- and Knowledge-based tool for a global detection of the potential for production, supply and demand

Hennen, W.H.G.J.; Daane, P.A.J.; Duijvendijk, Kees van


Wageningen Economic Research has developed Global-Detector, a knowledge-based Geographic Information System that aims to detect the worldwide potential for production, demand and market strategies. At any spot in the world Global-Detector can show the values from a large amount of indicators, such as climate, infrastructure, and land characteristics. A large set of indicators is readily available for use without any GIS-processing, and the model builder together with the expert can instantly start building the knowledge base for the concerning research aim. Knowledge from experts is applied to combine relevant indicators to create new indicators. The concept of Global-Detector and 10 applications developed by this tool are described. As a generic tool with increased flexibility, Global-Detector has many application possibilities in a wide variety of fields.