Inventarisatie van aan diervoeding gerelateerde dierenwelzijns- en diergezondheidsproblemen en de oorzaken hiervan : Een quickscan met behulp van de Delphi-methode

Lauwere, Carolien de; Duinkerken, Gert van; Rebel, Annemarie; Bergevoet, Ron


Errors in the feeding method (not the right feed for the right animals) and suboptimal housing and management are the main causes of nutrition-related animal welfare and animal health problems.Many problems related to animal nutrition are multifactorial by nature. Nutrition therefore cannot beregarded as the sole cause. On the contrary, there are multiple interrelated causes. This is the main conclusion of an assessment based on a Delphi analysis of nutrition-related animal welfare and animal health problems and their causes in the cattle/dairy, pig, poultry, veal, sheep and milk goat sectors.Detecting the main causes of the problems and finding the solutions are specialist tasks that requirethe commitment and cooperation of livestock farmers, feed advisors and veterinarians.