Indicatoren voor burgerbetrokkenheid bij natuur : Een zoektocht naar nieuwe aanknopingspunten voor monitoring

Mattijssen, Thomas; Pleijte, Marcel; Dengerink, Just; Koster, Tinka; Visscher, Maarten


This report is about finding avenues for expanding the monitoring of public engagement with nature. The aim was to obtain a better understanding of this public engagement. The study involved an extensive review of knowledge needs in the literature and various interactions with stakeholders, which then formed the basis for the construction of a dashboard showing the main knowledge needs. These were clustered into four themes: the public’s perceptions of nature, nature-related activities by the public, the organisation of social engagement with nature, and the effects of public engagement with nature. The study also looked for methodological pointers for the further development of indicators by refining them to make them more reliable, by broadening them to capture additional information, and through the development of new methods. We concluded that the many forms of public engagement with nature require the deployment of a broad spectrum of indicators to map this engagement from a range of perspectives.