Agrarische productie ten behoeve van de korte keten : een landelijke meting

Venema, Gabe; Benus, Mariël; Everdingen, Walter van; Puister-Jansen, Linda; Splinter, Gerben; Vijn, Marcel; Wonderen, Dominique van


Policy makers and markets increasingly view the sales of agricultural products through short chains as a way to create new revenue models for agricultural entrepreneurs and to strengthen the relationship between producers and citizens. The baseline measurement presented in this report offers insight into the sales of agricultural products through short chains in agricultural industries in 2020. On a national level, insight is given into the number of short-chain enterprises, the characteristics of these businesses and an estimate of the turnover as a result of short-chain product sales. Also, an outline is given of short chains in the provinces with a summary overview of focus points for further promotion of short chains. The situation for each province is described in separate factsheets