uFTIR: An R package to process hyperspectral images of environmental samples captured with μFTIR microscopes

Corradini, Fabio; Beriot, Nicolas; Huerta-Lwanga, Esperanza; Geissen, Violette


uFTIR is an R package that implements an automatic approach to analyze μFTIR hyperspectral images with a strong focus on microplastic recognition in environmental samples. The package performs image classification using a Spectral Angle Mapper algorithm in a library search approach. It interacts with other R packages used for spectral analysis. It exports its output as raster and vector files that can be post-processed in common Geographical Information Systems software. The package was designed around the principles of modular development, compatibility, and open-source software. We hope our contribution will serve researchers to size the occurrence of microplastics in ecosystems.