Natural Climate Buffers: Promising Examples of Nature Based Solutions

Zingstra, H.L.; Vertegaal, Paul


Natural Climate Buffers (NCBs) are designated areas in which space is given to natural processes to contribute to the climate change adaptation and mitigation NBCs are also aimed at enhancing the specific biodiversity of each site. The idea for the designation and implementation of NBCs was developed in the Netherlands but has the potential to be applied throughout Europe.
Eurosite, the organization that brings together European natural site managers, has adopted and promoted the concept across Europe. This article explains six different types of NBCs: ecosystems engineering, carbon sinks, living coasts, green air conditioning, room for nature and water management, natural sponges. The paper will also explain how the NCB concept relates to the
concepts of Natural Water Retention Measures as promoted by the European Union and Nature-Based Solutions introduced by the IUCN.