EGMP Population Status and Assessment Report

Heldbjerg, H.; Johnson, F.; Koffijberg, K.; McKenzie, R.; Nagy, S.; Jensen, G.H.; Madsen, J.; Baveco, J.M.


This report provides the 2021 information for the goose populations managed under the EGMP. The information cover aspects related to population status, survival, productivity, hunting bags and derogation statistics, progress in population models, as well as assessment of cumulative impact of derogation and legal hunting and, for some populations, management recommendations. These may differ for each species, as available data differs from species to species (or populations identified in the framework of the EGMP). Status of indicators related to other aspect of the management plans, such as socioeconomic issues and ecosystem services provided by geese, are presented in the Adaptive Framework Management Programmes (AFMPs) under Indicator factsheets.