Selected Farm level models and tools for ex-ante analysis of impacts of policies related to circular agriculture : Deliverable D2: Progress report project KB-1-2A-4 : models across scale

Helming, John; Daatselaar, Co; Dijk, Wim van; Mollenhorst, Erwin; Pishgar-Komleh, Hassan; Conijn, Sjaak; Brinkman, Pella


In this report we present a model toolbox consisting of the Bio-Economic Farm Models (BEFMs) DairyWise and Farmdyn together with tools that focus on specific farm management aspects to analyse integrated aspects of circular agriculture at farm level. Based on a conceptual model regarding relevant policy questions, indicators and model requirements, knowledge and modelling gaps are pointed at. It is concluded that combined model use can overcome part of the modelling gaps, but not all. The combined model use is demonstrated analysing the impact of a tax on chemical fertiliser on a dairy farm on sandy soil and an arable farm on clay soil. The report ends with recommendations regarding research directions in the field of modelling circular agriculture aspects at farm level, sharing and harmonising key modules and investments in quality and quantity of different networks of model developers and users. We also give recommendations for researchers and modelers who are looking for possibilities of combined model use.