A roadmap for the introduction of Vital Fluid natural nitrogen in the Spanish (organic) horticulture : a desk and field study

García Victoria, Nieves; Baeza Romero, Esteban; Hertel, Erik; Boxtel, Mark van; Doornebosch, Berdi


Nitrogen supply is a great challenge in organic horticulture. Natural Nitrogen fi xation from ambient air in water through plasma reactors provides an alternative solution for the nitrogen supply in organic farming. Spain has the biggest certifi ed surface of organic cultivation in Europe. Desk and fi eld research by WUR Greenhouse Horticulture & Flower Bulbs in cooperation with VitalFluid, Doornebosch Advies and VanWaarde, within the context of a Top Sector Seed Money Project shows that this innovation would fi t well in the Spanish organic greenhouse sector and could contribute to improve the N-supply and therefore the yields of especially short cycle crops. The province of Almeria concentrates the biggest national share of organic greenhouse horticulture, a good knowledge infrastructure and suitable fi nancial instruments for innovations. Potential users confi rm that Natural Nitrogen will certainly be a solution for the N supply and are willing to adopt it, provided it is successfully demonstrated under local conditions, is price-competitive, approved to be used as input in organic horticulture and it does not negatively affect the soil microbiome or the isotopic footprint of the produce. Certifi cation bodies will approve Natural Nitrogen after it has been included in the EGTOP list of authorized inputs in organic horticulture.