Effectiviteit en welzijnsaspecten van kastvallen (verdrinkingsvallen) voor de bestrijding van schadelijke wilde knaagdieren

Krijger, Inge M.; Gerwen, Maite A.A.M. van; Rodenburg, Bas; Meijboom, Franck L.B.; Andel, Mark E. van; Meerburg, Bastiaan G.


This report examines the effectiveness and animal welfare aspects of drowning traps for the control of harmful wild rodents, with special attention to the Ekomille or EKO1000 trap. The conclusion is that such systems can be effective in certain situations, but that the welfare impact of the Ekomille is estimated to be severe to extreme. This is because animals in the Ekomille drown consciously. When redesigning, manufacturers could pay attention to direct stunning of animals and/or shortening the time to loss of consciousness and/or death.