Bedwelmen en doden van gevangen vissen: kabeljauw, schol, schar en tong

Vis, Hans van de; Reimert, Henny; Meijer, Hans; Burggraaf, Dirk; Gerritzen, Marien


Recent societal developments have made it important for the fishing industry to move towards sustainable, socially accepted and valued products and production methods. Animal welfare also falls within the concept of sustainable development. Severe distress during the killing of captured fish can be avoided by stunning these animals prior to killing.In the project, specifications were established for electrical stunning in seawater of cod, plaice, dab and sole, followed by killing of these stunned animals. Cod and flatfish are important demersal fish species. A modular set-up for electrical stunning and killing has been drawn up, based on the desk study and the results of the experimental research. Criteria for the modular set-up were also determined. The modular set-up and criteria were not validated in experiments in a commercial setting. Within the project, no turnkey equipment was built and tested. This will require a follow-up project.