Monitoring van burgerbetrokkenheid bij natuur : Citizen science en doelgroep-panels

Mattijssen, Thomas; Visscher, Maarten; Ganzevoort, Wessel; Pleijte, Marcel


This report discusses various possibilities for expanding the existing long-term nationwide monitoring of public engagement with nature. A concrete indicator of ‘public engagement in citizen science’ is described. Species organisations that work with volunteer nature observers have indicated that they can supply relevant information to quantify work done by the public as citizen scientists. We also investigated how a panel survey could be designed to obtain representative statements about two target groups: green volunteers and/or participants in green citizens’ initiatives. A test with a pilot survey showed that while some issues still remain, the use of a research panel is both feasible and desirable. It is beneficial to have a range of several indicators as this gives a fuller picture of the diversity of public engagement with nature. However, developing new indicators for long-term monitoring only makes sense if the data are regularly updated.